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Have you ever noticed that most "Haunted Places In Portland" lists are just copied from each other?
For instance, look at the misspelling of McMenamin on these websites, (as well as the matching descriptions).... this can get a little monotonous for the Portland ghost Seeker:

So I would like to make our *own* list with descriptions, alleged hauntings, reports from the field, etc.

I will begin with Witches (or Witch's) Castle, Forest Park.

Forest Park is described as the largest forested city park in the US. There are thousands of acres to explore and over 50 miles of trails to walk in. While people hike frequently, and one man and his daughter were found living there last winter, venturing into some areas of the park after hours can be an unnerving event. People have described a green mist covering the ground, and those entering the park via the entrance under the Thurman Street bridge know that the trail leads to Witches Castle; an old stone building that was once used as a trade route and is now a site of occasional parties and a frequent site of Occult activities.

Maybe due to various Workings, or perhaps due to the bodies of women that were discovered in the park in the 1990's ( many have described a "bad" presence in the park after the sun goes down. This is marked by the crossing of the last bridge that changes the trail from "paved" to dirt. Other Paranormal activity has been reported as hearing strange noises or fleeting shadows seen from the corner of one's eyes. This feeling is particularly strong in the little room under the stairs of the old stone house. Several people I have spoken with refuse to go in there when it is dark, and some have even reported becoming ill or feeling like something was attacking them while standing in the room.
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