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Portland - from: the shadowlands

Cathedral Park - In the summer of 1949, 15 year-old Thelma Taylor was murdered under the St. Johns Bridge, also known as Cathedral Park. In the present day, disembodied screams can be heard late at night during the summer, and the police have been dispatched numerous times to the area without finding any evidence of foul play.

Buttertoes Restaurant - this ghost, "Lydia", has been seen by numerous people.

Columbian Cemetery - former Love Cemetery and Columbia Cemetery- this ghost, "Lydia", has been seen by numerous people.

ComedySportz - ComedySportz is haunted by an unknown female entity. When the building is nearly empty, employees and performers have heard a woman talking or laughing-sometimes quite loudly- in the back room where costumes and equipment is stored. The ladies room toilet has also had problems and flushed endlessly with no explanation. Employees have also seen lights in parts of the building, only to go back to turn them off and discover that no lights were on.

Fairmount Apartments - Manvelant and benevolent hauntings. This is a building that is located on the corner of NW 26th and Vaughn Street in northwest Portland. This is the last building standing from the centennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1905. It was once a grand hotel and it now an apartment complex. Some of the residents over the years, have reported seeing apparitions late at night, while others have felt somewhat of a threatening presence mostly on the lower floors especially in the halls. Upstairs, the presence is not as threatening.

Hollywood Theatre - Built in the twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby. Rattling pipes backstage is also a common occurrence.

Kennelworth park - said to be a young girl was raped and killed there, often walking in the park at night you can hear trying to scream or see her walking around the area.

KWJJ Radio Station - In 1990, the station was at a building called The Wilcox Mansion. It actually went there on career day back in 1986. It was a beautiful mansion that used to be a living area, but has since been turned into offices. Some of the stories are the grand piano being played when no one but the graveyard DJ is there. Also stories of the massive chandelier swinging for no reason, and this was a massive thing that you usually see in movies. DJ's have been spooked so much in the past, that they had been known to have locked themselves in the DJ booth while working the graveyard shift. KWJJ moved out of the building a few years back.

KUPL Station - There has been sightings of a man's face in the window. Also CD's that have been set out mysteriously disappear after the DJ turns away.

LOTUS-nightclub downtown - Reports of something VERY creepy in the basement - has scared employees so badly, they refuse to talk about it. a bartender, alone after closing had finished cleaning the bar-i.e. no glasses were left out, etc. and went downstairs-to the creepy basement-and heard a CO2 canister activate. A very distinct sound and not made when not in use-that is to say there is no pressure release on CO2 cylinders. Upon coming back upstairs the bartender found an upside-down shot glass on the bar.

Lewis & Clark College - Find your way to the center of the campus, around 1:00am and you will likely feel someone or something there with you. On many occasions you can hear screaming and Yelling as if a mob is chasing someone through the old campus. On rare occasions you will see multiple apparitions come running through the campus center, one being chased by a group of 10-15.

Marshall High School - a former night janitor said she herd strange sounds and once something said her name. She always works alone.

Oaks Park - This amusement park built in 1890 has been plagued with a ghostly apparition of a lone child in 70's style clothing for over 20 years.

Old OMSI building - This science museum was shut down in the early 90's and moved to a new location, but people visiting the surrounding parks and zoo hear odd noises and see strange lights coming from the abandoned empty building. - July 2005 Update: This building was remodeled and opened as the Portland Children's Museum in 2001. The building used to be rather creepy, most especially in the downstairs areas near the gem room. Those areas are employees-only now.

Old Town Pizza Company - The place of an old pizza parlor, still in business. Very eerie and not very welcoming. The lights are dark and the atmosphere is spooky. The basement is said to be haunted by someone. There have been reports of things moving and things being replaced. Many of the workers won't go downstairs because of eerie feeling. Said to be a spirit who lurks around downstairs.

Scapponia Park - North of Portland - There is said to be the ghost of a man and his dog. In the late 1800's there was a horse thief who lives in an old cabin in the area of Scapponia Park. One night an angry mob took the man and hung him and shot his dog. It is said that they are buried together under a large oak tree in the camp ground.

Shanghai Tunnels - The shanghai Tunnels were used for kidnapping able men to work on boats. Now are said to be haunted by the men.- June 2005 Update/Additional Information. This is a rather infamous part of Portland as the name suggests. Men would be shanghaied, beaten up to awaken aboard a ship. Also, women would be kidnapped and sold into the sex business. This form of slavery is something that has been both remembered and forgotten (usually at the same time) by Portland natives alike. It is said that the spirit of "NINA" has been known to haunt the halls of the tunnels. The spirit has been seen as that of a woman in white, which matched the description of a girl named Nina who died in those tunnels. In fact, the apparition has been known to stay pretty close to where her name "NINA" has been carved into the brick in one of the passages there. It is an original carving that was put there back in the day.

Tryon Creek State Park - When the conditions are right, generally right before a major storm, if you are out along the North Rim Trail you will hear the sound of horses in harness and smell fresh cut timber, even though the last time the area was logged was in the late 1800's. Down by the creek you can hear in the early morning, the sound of men getting ready for a day of work in the woods.

University of Portland - Franz Hall - A janitor was said to have been cleaning the second floor when all of the mechanical doors (which can only be opened and closed by pushing the master button that is locked in a box in the wall that the janitors have the keys to).

University of Portland - Theater - there is a ghost of a young girl who haunts the theatre. She is said to be seen in the basement storage, on the stage, and in the draft room late at night while students worked. She often tries to touch students and changes the station or volume on the radio when students are drafting should she dislike a station or like a song. She has often "hung out" with students while they worked late at night. She is dressed in a Victorian 1900's or so dress and hat with lace trim.

Villa St Rose School for girls- It was said that before Villa St Rose was a school for girls, it was an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. In the gymnasium you can often hear little kids voices, running of little feet and laughing. Many students and some of the nuns have reported hearing this.

White Eagle Tavern - A stairway is haunted in the kitchen area off the office area. The manager has gotten trapped there by various cleaning equipment.

Willamette - Mansion - This massive mansion directly across the river from Waverly country club is still unfinished. The foundation is the remains of the city's water pump house. A number of years after its construction began the owner/builder hung himself in the elevator shaft. It has remained under slow construction and is haunted by this mans spirit. Doors locked behind us, brooms fell, lights turned on without us turning them.

Willamette River - For the past two years a phantom rowboat has been sighted along this river. It has no one on the boat but when the coastguard goes to retrieve the boat it disappears right in front of there eyes.
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