Looking For Something To Do On A Sunday?

Howdy, y'all. No plans on Sunday night except for staring at the wall while experiencing soul crushing boredom?
Well I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know about a dark wave/industrial/gothic-blues night of music at The Pub At The End Of The Universe tomorrow the 26th.

Not only will it be a great night of music, friends and drinks, it could also be a grand opportunity for you other artists and musicians to get out and network with some like-minded individuals.
Show's going to start around 8:00PM.
Hope to see you all out.

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2006 Rose City Paranormal Conference

Long time no see everyone.

We are starting to think about the conference again, and I would like to use this as a suggestion box.

What kind of things would you like to see there?

Which authors or topics interest you?

If you attended last year, what worked and what didn't?

Do you know of any local buisnesses that would be a good addition to the conference?

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Hey all... hopefully most of you are members of the portland ghost tracking meetup, and should have received the email I sent out tonight... but for those of you who aren't... please join us at http://ghosts.meetup.com/12 !!

I think the meetup is a fabulous way for all of our groups (and solo people too!) in the portland area to get together and share ideas/experiences, etc... but attendance is sparse (usually around 10% or less... we've got 125 members and very rarely more than a dozen attendees), and frankly its just getting kind of blah. I'm really looking for some brainstorming on ways we can make the meetups better in various ways.

I'd love it if you'd stop by the meetup site and share your opinion and ideas... I started a thread on the message board, and would be very excited to get some responses from people... I enjoy being the organizer, but really I'm just there to be the mediator/facilitator/bill payer... I would love for the group to really roll on forward of its own accord, and for members to really start getting involved in planning the events, rather than feeling as if I'm just dragging it along as seems to be the case currently.

So... please... join, share, show up and have fun!!!

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Sigh, got my car broken into while I was in Seattle on Tuesday night, and one of my ghosthunting bags got snagged (it usually lives in the trunk, but I blew a tire on Monday, and had moved it so I could get the spare and jack out... and was a slacker about putting the stuff back away). I lucked out, though... I had slid my equipment case under the seat so they missed the good stuff.... but they got my bag that had my binders & forms, blank cassette tapes, lens cleaners, flashlights & first aid kit.... and that can of police issue pepper spray I like to carry when prowling cemeteries at night. Bah, what a week. It was fun putting the kit together the first time... this time its just going to be annoying!!
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Greetings all!

Just ran across this group... so glad to see everyone here!

My name is Jennifer, and I'm with Phantom Seekers, and am also the organizer for the Portland Ghost Tracking Meetup. (Thanks, by the way, to whomever posted the link for the meetup group on the info page for this community!)

Nothing new lately, I'm afraid... I've got several inquiries lined up, but my work schedule has been somewhat prohibitive, especially since I burned up most of the vacation time I had left taking time off for the conference and several other events and projects in October. Hoping to get a little more with it in the new year.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
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Have you ever noticed that most "Haunted Places In Portland" lists are just copied from each other?
For instance, look at the misspelling of McMenamin on these websites, (as well as the matching descriptions).... this can get a little monotonous for the Portland ghost Seeker:

So I would like to make our *own* list with descriptions, alleged hauntings, reports from the field, etc.

I will begin with Witches (or Witch's) Castle, Forest Park.

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